Camp-let Premium

Area: 18 m2
Unladen weight: 275 kg.
Load capacity: 225 kg.
Dimensions when closed: L: 323 cm
B: 160 cm
H: 95 cm
Dimensions when open: L: 593 cm
B: 400 cm
Bed dimensions: 140 x 200 cm
Colours: Beige / dark grey
Teltmateriale: Acrylic
Persons: 4+

Luxury trailer tent with acrylic canvas

Camp-let Premium, just like Adventure, is elegantly designed and well-thought-out down to the last detail. The Premium tent has been tested through several seasons and can therefore be designated as top rate in our range of tents. The breathable acrylic material with solution-died fibres gives the tent a pleasant indoor climate as well as optimum durability.

Premium gives you luxury and clever details, such as ventilation on both sides of the tent, pelmet with pockets, wardrobe rail, covered zip, luggage space beneath the Camp-let – and much more besides.

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Camp-let Premium - clever details and luxury

  • premium veranda

    Premium has a veranda solution by the kitchen, which provides excellent ventillation and a good view.

  • premium kokken 2

    Premium offer deluxe kitchen. Generous worktop, storage compartment and practical drawers for cutlery and other kitchen utensils. All kitchen models can be used en-route.

  • premium-fortelt.jpg

    Premium gives you a world of expansion options. Guest annex can be added on both sides of the tent, and a large awning or sun canopy at the front. Alternatively, the sun canopy can be fitted after the awning.

  • madras.jpg

    For added comfort, Premium are equipped as standard with latex mattress toppers on top of the cold foam mattresses.

  • premium-ventilation.jpg

    Premium have ventilation with mosquito nets in the sleeping compartments, by the kitchen and in the side window.

  • premium vogn

    The Premium and Classic trailer is elegantly designed with integrated roof bars, recessed lights and a practical opening mechanism.

  • premium-akryl.jpg

    The Premium tent is made from a specially developed, breathable acrylic material with solution-died fibres.

  • Paaloebsbremse-tempo100.jpg

    The model can be bought with overrun brake and can be approved for Tempo 100 - drive up till 100 km/h on the german autobahns.

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Camp-let Premium video guide

Camp-let Premium walk-through

A short video showing you a quick walk-through of a Camp-let Premium with extra accessories.

Premium modelfeatures

  • indbygget fjeder

    A helping hand

    A Practical build in springsystem helps with opening and closing the trailer. The build in spring system, makes it easy for one person to do the setup.

  • premium koekken close up

    Premium deluxe kitchen

    Generous worktop, storage compartment and practical drawers for cutlery and other kitchen utensils. All kitchen models can be used en-route.

  • isabella-quality-logo.jpg

    Breathable acrylic canvas

    Camp-let is the only trailer tent manufacturer, who exclusively produces trailer tents with a breathable acryllic tent from Isabella.

  • premium vogn

    Load weight 275 kg/total500 kg

    Lightweight trailer tent with over 200kg carrying capacity.

  • integrated-alu-roofbars.jpg

    Integrated aluminium roof bars

    Attach accessories to the top of the Camp-let, with the stylish Integrated aluminium roof bars

  • underbed-luggage-compartment.jpg

    Underbed luggage space

    Waterproof compartment for suitcases under the left hand bed.

  • premium vogn

    Fibreglass body

    Marine quality fibreglass lasts forever and will never rust or rot like trailers constructed from wood and steel

  • hard-top.jpg


    Hard-top and locking rear door ensures whatever is kept inside is secure.

  • pelmet-with-pockets.jpg

    Pelmet with pockets

    Internal storage pockets giving space to keep small items safe. Colours to match models.

  • alufaelge.jpg

    13 inch wheels

    Large wheels provide towing stability and can be upgraded to alloys.

  • bagageplads-bag-sofa.jpg

    High density foam

    High quality, supportive mattresses for the best nights sleep.

  • madras.jpg

    1 x latex mattress toppers

    Provides extra sleeping comfort. (Std. in bottom side of Premium)

  • 17m2 luksus telt

    18m2 Isabella canvas

    Large awning area for living and dining.

  • camplet-bedroom-ventilation.jpg

    Ventilation for bedrooms

    Better air circulation reduces condensation for better comfort.
  • kitchen-vent-withvalence.jpg

    Vent with cover for kitchen

    Vent with side valence keeps out wind and rain.
  • veranda-removable-sidepanel.jpg

    Vent/veranda style side window

    Side wall can be dropped to half height or completely removed in warmer weather.
  • veranda-removable-front.jpg

    Veranda style front window

    Front wall can be lowered to half height or removed for a better view.

  • premium gaestekabine

    Optional multi-purpose annexe

    Add a bedroom, toilet compartment or gain extra living area.

  • royalacrylic-canopy-sidewall.jpg

    Optional large sun canopy

    Large sun canopy with optional side wall available.
  • premium fortelt 2

    Optional extension awning

    Extension awning ideal for large families or for customers who just want more space

  • classic-akryl.jpg

    Internal mud flap

    Keeps water and dirt out and makes it possible to create a tight closure, between mud flaps and plastic bottom (Accessory).

  • large-awning-area.jpg


    Practical option to use the left side sleeping compartment as a sofa - with room for luggage behind.

  • pelmet-with-pockets.jpg

    Pockets in sleeping compartments

    Practical storage pockets for your glasses, a flashlight or ...

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