Pop up trailer tent - Camp-let Safir

Netweight: ca. 430 kg
Loadcapacity: 370 kg
Width: 195 cm
Length: 355 cm

Pop up trailer tent - the best of both a camper and a trailer tent

Many people know all the benefits from caravans and trailer tents.
Camp-let Safir is a combination of all the benefits from the caravan and trailer tent. Safir is the comfort of a caravan and the many advantages of a trailer tent, like low fuel consumption, less wind resistance, unobstructed rear view and great handling.

Camp-let Safir is manufactured from cast fiberglass and a galvanized chassis.

Camp-let Safir is setup and ready to use in 30 seconds.


  • safir-bagagerum.jpg

    Luggage locker with plenty of space for a spare tire

  • safir-kleskab.jpg

    Nice big fridge - optional

  • safir-overskabe.jpg

    Spacious cabinets

  • safir-skylight.jpg

    Skylight over the kitchen provides plenty of light

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Pop-up caravan interior

Camp-let Safir is arranged with a nice kitchen with a stainless steel counter top, 2 burner stove, sink, electric water pump, drawers for cutlery and drawer cabinets with doors and shelves.

In the front of the Camp-let Safire is a seating arrangement with a couch / sleeping bunks with room for 4 persons.

Electrical installation 12v with transformer.

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