Camp-let now exclusively manufacture using acrylic material

From 2014, all new Camp-let trailer tents are equipped with an acrylic canvas. - a decision made because we feel the advantages of acrylic tents are far greater than those of traditional tents in cotton.

Camp-let now exclusively manufacture using acrylic

A change based on experience and best practice

The shift to acrylic, occurs after extensive testing, in cooperation with Isabella, and is based on experience from these tests, and experiences we have gained from our recent models with acrylic tents.

Best practice: virtually all leading manufacturers of awnings, now produce their best tents in acrylic, the reason is simple, acrylic is a better material.

The above means that we consider acrylic to be the absolute best material for our tents - Acrylic is the material that we feel will best sustain our high standards of quality, function and design.

Below we list some of the many advantages of acrylic tents

  • Acrylic does not shrink - unlike cotton that shrinks up to 4% when it gets wet.
  • Acrylic is breathable - Acrylic on camp-let is manufactured in such a way to ensure optimum breathability.
  • Acrylic is durable - our acrylic tents are produced by Isabella and equipped with double stitching and reinforced around poles.
  • Acrylic tents are produced of colored acrylic fibers that resist fading.
  • Acrylic is easier to clean and maintain than cotton.
  • Acrylic dries faster than cotton - cotton tents gets soaked by rain and dew, where an acrylic tent does not receive moisture and thus dries faster.

We hope that you will receive our new tents well and that you will rejoice and enjoy the high quality, function and design that we at Camp-let always strive for in our products.

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