Week 75 Back South

Leaving the famous Denali on our schedule next was Anchorage. After being so long in the middle of nowhere it was time for our favorite Chinese and going to the cinema.

And by the way we where lucky that Mercedes Benz made us a free oil change again ;)
Leaving Alaska, it had one big highlight more for us, the 40km long Matanuska Glacier. It was even allowed to walk a little on the glacier and to fly the drone. And if this wasn't already great enough, a Rainbow appeared over it and stayed the whole visit long. And Rainbows followed us on our way, on one very long driving day we saw at least six.

Back in the Yukon Territory we were astonished when we saw our first Bison. It was a big male eating grass just next to the street, slowly walking towards us. Seeing this soft giant so close really impressed us. We were also lucky to see a group of Bisons with their calves and two bears. If you like to see wild animals Yukon if definitely the place to go to.

Before we said Good-Bye, we visited the great Liard Hot springs where we were soaking in the really hot water surrounding by forest.
So see you next in Alberta and the famous National Parks Jasper and Banff.

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