Week 74 Far north

Back in the Yukon Territory we visited once more a city which belongs already to Alaska named Stewart.

And though the city was cute with the wooden houses and walkways it was the way to the coast which impressed us. It leads us through a fjord passing lakes with the color of the nicest carribean sea. After this nice difference our next stop was far away from everything.

We reached Dawson city after a long drive passing endless forests after midnight and it was still light. Welcomed by a funny little guy who wanted to impress us with his special "hair", we found a camp-spot on the top of hill from where you could see the connection from Yukon and Klondike River.

And here in the middle of nowhere it felt a little like a class reunion, we met three other Overlanders, one we haven seen last time before Christmas in Colombia. It seemed like this old Gold Rush City has never lost its attraction to the people.
Crossing the majestic Yukon with a little ferry another beautiful road awaited us, the Top of the world Highway. And the name felt so right when we were driving on the mountains ridge overlooking the endless landscape.

From one highlight to the next: the highest mountain of the United States Denali with 6190 m. It was just great and we were lucky to see its snow covered peak. Not far away on a nice campground next to a lake we celebrated Stefan's birthday with a big bonfire ;)

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