Week 73 Canada - the land of endless green forests, blue lakes and great scenery

On a sunny afternoon we entered the last new country on this continent Canada. And we really liked it from the beginning. 

Vancouver welcomed us with blue sky and fluffy white clouds and warm temperatures. So warm that we even went to one of the plentiful beaches.
Cruising along huge lakes and through mountains and forests, we stayed one night at the most scenic Walmart.

And the campground got better and better. From camping next to a river and lake with turquoise water and free firewood to setting up our Camp-let just 10 m a way from the shore of a nice like. We had really great time making BBQ, swimming in ice-cold glacier water and watching sunsets reflecting on the surface like paintings at midnight. But as we were lucky with the weather driving through states with endless forests and hardly any signs of civilization, we could also imagine how triste it felt for others.

We also learned that in Yukon (a state bigger than Germany) are only living 40 000 people, but therefore 4 times more black bears and wolves and 2 times more Grizzlies than inhabitants.
Oh and we were also really lucky on Canada Day, we saw 11 black bears and even one cup playing just next to the street with his mother. So for us this will always be Bear day ;)

On our way to the great Salomon Glacier, we even entered already Alaska, in a small little village named Hyder or the friendliest ghost town.
So that's it, we reached Alaska? Of course not, so see you next week crossing the endless forests of Canada on our way to the last frontier Alaska...

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