Week 65 The Big Change

So what happened? The short form is that our drone went swimming in the ocean. And as it was salt water all our tries to rescue our drone failed. There was no doubt that we needed a new one, but the problem was that drones where not available in Belize and in Mexico at least 500 $ more expensive. So what to do? After long time thinking we made a new plan. We will drive to the USA. That means we will skip Mexico and come back in winter and travel Canada and Alaska already this summer.

And after three days of driving through a beautiful green Mexico and sleeping on two gas stations we crossed the border to Texas. And the difference could not have been bigger. Coming from South and Central America with all the narrow, windy and often bad roads with thousands of speed bumps we felt so small on the huge 10 lanes highways of Texas. Before the streets were always full of live and often full of people and animals. But in Texas everything was just huge from the big trucks, the big stores and fast food chains, that it would be already a long way even from one store to another.

Our first goal was Austin, where we wanted to visit an old friend of Stefan. We often talked to him via Skype, but even though he knew that we were coming, you couldn't believe how surprised he was when we actually parked in front of his house with our Benz and our Camp-let, with which we crossed one ocean, drove through whole South and Central America and finally reached the States ;)

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