Week 64 Belize

After 16 months living in Spanish speaking countries it was really weird but great to talk to people in a language you understand and speak well as in Belize English is the first language.

The first city we stopped was San Ignacio and if we had to find a slogan it would be hot, hotter San Ignacio. We came here for a job and later got invited from the Austrian Manager for 2 nights lodging in a 5 star resort and a sightseeing tour to some fantastic waterfalls (among it the 1000 foot waterfall, over 350 m high). We really enjoyed the time here but this place was by far the hottest, as at 9 am we had already 40 degrees in the shade. 

But soon we were leaving to the coast were we found a nice breeze and our friends Rike and Martin. For us all it felt a little strange to leave our     Vehicles and Camp-let behind, as we were heading to the islands - but it was only for week. 

The first island was named Caye Caulker and we liked it from the beginning. The island was very small and no cars were allowed, so everybody was driving around with a golf cart or just cycling through colored wooden houses. And even working there was relaxing, specially when you are staying in a beautiful apartment resort at the ocean ;)

But on our schedule was another island you may now from a famous song - la isla bonita.

The island was more busy but the resort we stayed was beautiful setted in a green garden. It all started well but than something happened that caused a big change in our itinerary...


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