Week 62 Bad, worse, the worst

Our next stop was a tip from friends - beautiful Lago Atitlan.

Driving through farmland and mountains we reached the edge of the crater lake. We heard from that the road should be not so good and steep, but okay for us. But it turned out that this road beat all our other driven roads before. It was full of big holes so that you don't know where to drive and it was extremely steep up to 24 %.

But very slowly going down was not the problem, but we knew immediately that this road was no way back for us.

We finally arrived at the campground, where we met two other overlanders and they told us they felt the same as they arrived a couple of days before: exhausted and wondering how they made it down here.

We spent some nice days discovering the hippie village San Marcos La Laguna and swimming in the refreshing water. Then the day of leaving came. There was a second road that should be not so steep and just 4km in bad condition. But this road was not safe and it was recommended to drive only with a police control. So we went with our new friends and the police the other way around the lake. But we didn't know how bad the road would be...

Before getting to the bad part one hill was already so steep that our Benz stocked, so I jumped out and luckily there was a friendly guy who helped me to push us over the top. But that was just the beginning, the good road stopped and the worst km of our whole trip began. A track - not more as in Europe nobody would call that a road - of pulverized sand, deep holes and huge stones was waiting for.

But driving as slowly as possible we all made it. And after this the officers had of course to sign our car.

The following road was not very good and we were looking forward to reach the highway.

The 100 km getting around the lake and up the crater took us finally 5 hours. But driving the highway with a really low speed because it was full of suddenly appearing big holes let us think what was worse...

In the next report we broke the law a little and walked a lot of steps...

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