Week 61 Guatemala

Our first impression of the new country was not the best, but you could not overlook it - garbage everywhere and all road long.

Another bad things were the roads - big holes everywhere on the highway made it hard to drive. And the third were all the accidents we saw driving only a couple of hours in the new country - always if you see a branch lying in the middle of the street you have to pay attention as that sign an accident or a broken car behind the next curve.

So we stopped at a nice campground with a huge swimming pool. Which we really enjoyed - but before we cooked a nice meal in our Camp-let kitchen under some Mango trees.

After a short stop in the Capital to get some new props for our drone and a McDonalds ice we arrived in Antigua. And this town was really beautiful - colorful houses, cobblestone streets, church ruins and flowering trees.
And the campground at the police station was a hotspot for meeting other overlanders and as a bonus they had cute little puppy dogs. They loved our Camp-let a lot and even tried to protect us when they barked at other people passing our tent. They will for sure miss their new home but we will miss them, too.
It was hard to leave and we didn't know what was waiting for us...

See you in the next report.

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