Week 60 Bienvenidos a Honduras

A new week we were ready to go on.

But before we leave Nicaragua we wanted finally to get our car riding a little higher, as our Benz was from the beginning quite low but after all the driven kilometers it looked even worse. One mechanic told us our shock absorbers are finished, so he built in new ones but that didn't help. So we had to get new and most important stronger springs. And after two days we were finally higher and ready for a new country.

A long, long line of trucks a waited us at the border, we passed them slowly and after two-three hours at the customs and some stamps later we could enter the new country Honduras.

The landscape was green and we followed the road through hills and mountains, passing the capital Tegucigalpa before we reached our next stop the beautiful Lago de Yojoa.
This region was very fertile - it was totally green and everywhere bloomed flowers and corn and pineapples were growing on the fields.
We stayed at a Brewery which seemed to be a famous spot for overlanders. So we spent two days chatting with our neighbors from France, Switzerland and Germany and visiting the beautiful waterfall Pulhapanzak.

Driving northeast we reached the next stop we were really exited about - Copan Ruinas - our first Maya Ruins.
And we should not have been disappointed, walking through the thousands of years old pyramids was just great and topped by beautiful red macaws flying over the ruins :)

See you next week already in a new country - Guatemala.

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