Week 59 Una semana mas

So we thought we finished already all the jobs, one of our clients had another job for us.

And so we spent one day at the beach filming some surfing and a beautiful beach house, where we swam in the natural pool and watched a beautiful sunset from the rooftop :)
We also had one of the best dinners on our whole trip, as we got an invitation from an Italian chef who lived long time already in Nicaragua, catching his own fish and farming own vegetables in the garden next to the restaurant. He is even nominated for a Michelin star, he would be the first restaurant in whole Central America with this reward. Wish you good luck Alessio, you really deserve it.

But we were also always lucky to return to our base from our day excursions, as with a Camp-let you can have every day a different property and this time our property had his own blue crater lake ;)

See you next week in one or maybe two different countries!

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