Week 56 Nicaragua - work time

As we have heard many good things about Nicaragua we were exited to go there.

And it started good as the border crossing was not so complicated then we were told. Driving along the Lago Nicaragua and and the volcano Concepcion our first stop was the hot Pacific coast of Nicaragua, where we saw huge waves and some beautiful colorful sunsets.

Next stop then was the Laguna de Apoyo, a huge crater lake with beautiful blue water. But we came here not only for sightseeing, but for work. Our employer was the the only 5 star hotel in the whole area. So we spent two days filming there at this fantastic location at the edge of the crater and made a video they really liked a lot. From one job we went directly to another this time at the bottom of the crater. Here we found a nice hostel to camp where we met another overlander who shared the same likings as we: movies and Sushi. So we spent some great evenings together, hope to see him somewhere on the road again ;)

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