Week 48 Sailing to San Blas islands and shipping part 2

After all the stressful days with the shipping we were really in a mood for relaxation.

But we didn't expect, what was waiting for us. We have seen some nice beaches before, but this was really paradise - tiny little islands with only some coconut trees surrounded by crystal blue and turquoise water, some with a few wooden houses from the indigenous people. Greetings from Robinson!

We had some very nice days sailing, snorkeling and having some good food with nice people. But as the trip was quite expensive we also worked a little and made a video for the captain - which he liked a lot and so we saved some money ;)

So we arrived in Panama. But unfortunately in a town where our Lonely Planet says don't go there if you don't have to. Unfortunately we had. We met in shopping Center our second shipping partner Mirko (he had his motorbike in the container and was really in a rush) and we're hoping to get our cars out of the container today. But it started not so good.

The insurance we need was in the center only available for an half year. So we had to go by taxi (as you should not walk around in Colon) into the Zona Libre. There we got the insurance but it takes us over two hours. So we went with the next expensive taxi to the harbor. Arriving at the shipping company Seabord told us we have to pay the bill - but not there we had to go back to town.

During waiting they told us also that they will drive the cars out of the container and were surprised that we still have the keys. But that was a surprise for us as normally the good thing about shipping in a container is the safety that it will not be open until all parties are next to it.

At the end nobody was allowed to be with them to open the container. We also had to pay a guy to help us to get the needed stamps and we didn't made it the first day. So we slept one night in a hotel a little out of town, which was not cheap. But the next day we finally made it - we were so happy to be back on the road again - the streets waiting for us until Alaska...

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