Week 47 Playa Blanca and Shipping part 1

After discovering beautiful Cartagena we felt going to some nice beaches.

So we went to Playa Blanca, recommended by many people we met. They told us it would be busy, as many Colombians have holidays. But what we found was really crazy, a beautiful beach with white sand and crystal blue water but traffic jams in the middle of nowhere. This was really the right place at the wrong time.

After a couple of days we left to a little farm not far away where we prepared our car and the Camp-let for the shipping to Panama.

We met our agent Manfred with Rike and Martin a few times and then the big day has come. And unfortunately it should be a very very long day.
It started already not so good as Manfred was in a bad mood not explaining things and then shouting at us.

After weighing the cars and paying some fees we were allowed to get inside the port area. There we waited ours for the customs to show up. After repacking many of our stuff back in the car, because Manfred told we have to do it right there in sun with over 40 degrees, the customs and police finally arrived and showed us a place in a big building with shade where we have again to put everything out of the car.

After the inspection we had to split, the boys went to one office and the girls with Manfred again to the office to pay. We planned to meet again in a cafe. After long time waiting the boys finally showed up, but with no good news. There was something wrong in the papers and it was unsure if the container could leave the port.

We had to make pictures from the car, Camp-let and the Chassis numbers, when we were waiting for the customs before. And we made the wrong picture from the Camp-let Chassis.

Manfred told us that was the big problem, but next day when we went to the customs office again, they explained that Manfred used a part of the documents for the Camp-let which is he not allowed to use because it is reserved for the customs. So after long time discussing, waiting and bribery money we finally got the final papers, just right in time to reach our Sailing boat to Panama.
You cannot believe how happy we felt when the ship sailed slowly towards the open ocean. Next stop beautiful San Blas Islands...

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