Week 46 Bad luck in Santa Marta and happy new year in Cartagena

After some relaxed Christmas days at the beach we got invited to make some pictures with our drone to change against accommodation.

But on the unpaved way we hit very unlucky a rock which crashed the pan for the motor oil.

We couldn't go a meter more, but luckily our friends were close and towed us back to our campground. Next day we planned to go to Santa Marta with them to find a good mechanic and a welder. As they had a little van, they were strong enough to tow us and our Camp-let. Our plan was to stop behind the Peaje, and leave our Benz and Camp-let there that we don't have to pay twice and then find a good mechanic. So far so good. But when we returned the police told us, that it is not allowed to tow a car and we need to call a service car, even if it was just for 7km.

That was very frustrating as almost every third car or truck looked very dangerous for others but we driving very slow should be more dangerous.

The good thing was that the mechanic was very good and not expensive. He fixed the whole thing in two days and allowed us to stay at his workshop.
So we had some time to discover Santa Marta, which surprised us with a nice downtown with lots of cafés and restaurants in old colonial houses. So we let the day end at the walkway along the coast watching the sunset.

Next day we were ready to drive to Cartagena, the pearl of the Caribbean, where we wanted to spent New Years Eve with Rike and Martin.
And figured very soon out that Cartagena is the place to be on the 31 December.

The beautiful old city part was full of people all dressed up enjoying dinner in the streets. We joined them having a good Italian pizza on a nice little square and watching later the firework in the harbor :)

Happy new year, we are exited about 2016 and Central America is waiting for us!

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