Week 41 Dejavu or going back to Medellin and Rio Claro again

Having some great days in the jungle we wanted to visit Andres, but first time our Mercedes stopped on the road.

Before we even could open the engine hut a man stopped by, asking if he could help us and he was not the only one.
He called Andres for us and shortly later a friend came to help us. Unfortunately we couldn't find out what was wrong so we had to leave our Benz and the Camp-let there.
Which was a strange feeling.

Arriving at Andres house we find it full of people. He was celebrating his birthday party, which was funny as his birthday was three days later.
So we spent a nice evening with his friends and family. Next day a service car brought our car to Andres house and our Camp-let we could pull after the car of Andres friend as he had luckily the right trailer connection.

And with a little help we were lucky to fix the Benz so that we could go back on the road.
On Monday we went to the Transito Office where we got a court appointement for the 1st of March.
We explained that we will of course not be in Colombia anymore.

Asking a guy who speaks English if we could leave the country then, he told us that is no problem, we might just be spoken guilty if we didn't show up in March.
After this not so funny things with the car, a good think happened. As after another visit in Rio Claro, where we did a real cool cave tour, we met by random our good friends from Brazil again. And spent a very nice evening with cooking together :)

Normally we planned to go north but a suddenly bad road, which we didn't want to take, made us drive to Bogota. We found a nice campground on a lake a little outside of town and did the things you normally could do best in big cities: fixing the car with new brakes and going to the cinema ;)

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