Week 4 Peninsula Valdes - Gaiman

The landscape changed slowly from green fields to endless streets and wide and empty Pampa of Patagonia.

Peninsula Valdes wellknown for its animal life, where waiting for us with dusty unlaced roads and sea lions, penguins and even Orcas right next to the beach.
Our third camp ground at Puerto Pyramides at Peninsula Valdes was close to the beach, where we stayed two nights before sandstorms forced us to move to our next place.

After all the desert, 2000 Km and dust we were looking for something green and a change in the landscape and found it in Gaiman. This small village lays in a green valley of the River Chubut and was founded by walish people, who brought their stone architectured houses and of course their love for tea with them. So you can find many Casa de tea far away from Great Britain. We stayed there at camp ground managed by the local firemen and had a little timeshare pet, Miezi.

Back on the endless roads of Patagonia we visited Punta Tomba, the second biggest penguin colony after the Antartica and stopped at Puerto San Julian and Piedra Buena.

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