Week 3 Buenos Aires - Patagonia

Ready for a new country, we were driving west to cross our first border with our old Mercedes with Austrian license plates and the Danish Camp-let with german license plates.

But the guys from the customs and border where very friendly and so we made it to our next stop Buenos Aires.

The city is huge and parking for two lots was not cheap but we liked its lot and had to do some insurance stuff. So we enjoyed five days exploring this life full city.

On our way to Peninsula Valdes we shortly stopped at Bahia Blanca where we found out that we are now a little more trained in building up our new home and can even build it up at night.
The other thing we learned is that it is not a good idea to but an oil bottle in the Camp-let kitchen. Because the roads are not so good and very bumpy, the bottle turned over and the oil was every where in the kitchen, but luckily not in the Camp-let.

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