Week 72 The kitchiest campground and people at Walmart

Coming from our so far best Campground ever, we didn't expect to find a better campground, but we did

On a grassy field ending at a cliff watching the sun go down in all colors and behind us a perfect huge rainbow.
Driving along Oregon's beautiful coast through huge forests we reached the next spot for the night, a Walmart.
We stayed already a couple of times at Walmart, as there you have Internet, restrooms and security. Before we came to the States other Overlanders told us already that it is common in America. And there you will find everything you can imagine. From RVs the size of a bus towing a huge trailer with sport car and quad inside, over normal Campers, Pop-up trailers to 40 years old Hippie Campers or just people sleeping in their car because they have no home.
We met and talked to a few of them and it is often really said to hear their stories and knowing that they have nowhere else to go or family and friends. All they possess is in their car and they are sitting lonely every night on a Walmart. And at this night we met a woman who was really crazy, but friendly and she told us that she would come the next morning with a TV team to collect some money for diesel for us. And she really showed up the next morning but with a broken window and under drugs, sometimes undress herself and people wanted to call the police. In Europe they would call an ambulance to get here into an hospital, but the health system in the States is different and they would just put her in prison.

After seventeen month of traveling our pencils were almost finished, but not available in the USA. So we ordered new ones to a friendly family, Stefan knows from his drone groups.
They invited us to stay at their farm and we spent a great time together where they showed us their Oregon with Mount Hood, amazing waterfalls and the Columbia Gorge :)
The next state was Washington, where we spent a great sunny afternoon discovering Seattle and the famous Pike Place Market.
See you next week in the last country on this continent, in Canada.

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