Week 53 Pacific Coast - a new hobby and a frightening night

Normally our plan was to go to the mountains, but then checking the routes we saw that it makes more sense for us to go to the Pacific Coast.

More south as we heard that there are duty free areas where we maybe good save some money and get a new camera.
So we drove east, crossing Costa Ricas highest pass the Cerro de la muerte. Which means over 3000m up and down and saw in one day two oceans again.
Looking for a camping spot close to the ocean we were lucky and found a nice place in the first row in the National Park Punta Ballena.

First thing in the morning we did was checking out our new gift we got from other overlanders: our boogie board.

And that was super fun, the water was so warm as in a bathtub and the waves were rolling perfectly onto the wide sandy beach. What a perfect start into the day!
Next thing we wanted to see was a big rock formation which you can only see on low tide. But the walk becomes one of our hardest as we have never been on a hotter place before. But as we were already sweating walking along the beach, there were some crazy people running a marathon.
But in the end we got some great shots with our drone - I guess you can see what it looks like (a tip the Park is named after it).
Already far south in Costa Rica we drove also the last part until we reached the border to Panama again. As we found there the camera we wanted for a good price :)
But we lost it almost the same day.

We went back up and wanted to camp at the beach where life savers told us it is safe. But the police told us to go a small town called Dominical.
So we drove there and didn't do free camping as the camp ground told us they have a security guard and it is better to camp at there place. So we did. But at night we heard a small noise of the zip and then again a little noise.

We thought it was dog and opened our zip to the living area and there was a man inside our tent. We started crying for help and as the thief started running away with something in his hands we tried to follow him.

The security guy showed up much more later. As the thief was away we had time to go back to our tent and luckily nothing valuable was stolen. But next day as we ask at the reception if she knows what happened and that she promised and selling us security, we felt like living on another planet when she blamed us for the robbery as that has never happened before we came and told us to leave.
We were never treated so rude before, but if something bad happens something great will wait for you. And it was waiting in Monteverde where we met a really nice family... more in the next report.

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