Hi! We are Melanie and Stefan :o)

We are going to travel over 5 continents and 100 countries during the next 2 years, in our old Mercedes Benz 190D (built 1989) towing a Camp-let trailer tent for accommodation.

Melanie and Stefan

Why? - It’s for a good cause!

Two years ago Stefan took part in the www.dust-and-diesel.de rally, where he realized how interesting it is to travel by car. On this tour the participants went on the route from Paris to Dakar, Senegal, where they sold their cars to raise money for an orphanage.

This time the whole thing is much bigger! We are planning to drive around the world with our car and Camp-let trailer tent. To make the vehicle unique, we will ask all people we encounter in almost 100 countries to sign on our car, with a waterproofed pen so that we do not lose any of the signatures by the weather.

After about 2 years, we have a unique work of art, "A car full of signatures from all over the world."
If we can have such a great adventure we wanted to give something back.
So after this adventurous trip we would like to donate this unique car, at the RTL Donation Marathon (and hope for a huge profit in the six digits)!

Who we are

Stefan was born on 08 July 1981 in Hallein in Austria.
In the past Stefan was running several bars and working in the family owned Hotel Lungötzer Hof. He went to a higher tourism school and finished it with the degree in Travel Industry management and Hospitalty Industry management.

Melanie was born on 18 July 19?? in Achim (close to Bremen) in Germany.
Melanie was working for a wholesaler for Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Africa and South America in Munich. Before she was doing a traineeship in a travel agency and studied tourism economy and finished it with the degree "Diplom Tradeswoman in Tourism".

We met in 2013 in Munich and soon talked a lot about travelling, which we are both very interested in. We love to see foreign countries with different landscapes and cultures.

Hope that you will follow our trip here on Camp-let’s webpage, where we will post weekly updates from the trip!

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