Week 1 Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento

After going to 8 different offices and 12 official documents later, we finally made it through the customs and got our car and the Camp-let.

Car and Camp-let made it good during the long journey on the sea but were really dirty from the dusty parking lot in the harbour. So first lesson was to find a place where we can wash them. Wish was not so easy as you thought, but we found a small company who where washing their truck and end up with a clean car and Camp-let and our first signature.

Finding a nice camp ground where we can build up our new home was the next step. Unfortunately the app we where using leaded us to camp ground that were only for YMCA Groups. As recommended from a gas station we found another camp ground. Ready to build up our Camp-let, even so it was already a little dark, we finally couldn't sleep our first night camping as we couldn't find one very important part which is needed to put up the roof. So we ended in a Hostel again in Colonia del Sacramento.

Sometimes you never know what things happens for, but there we found a very nice camp ground. We managed to get an improvisation for the stick and slept our very first night camping in the Camp-let.

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