Week 5 Rio Gallegos - Rio Grande - Ushuaia

On our way to the End of the World we visited the beautiful National Park Monte Leon, where we did a very nice walk and saw many penguins but we were almost the only visitors!

This is also an area where Pumas live, but we were lucky that we have seen already a Puma crossing our way a couple of days before.

Our next stop where at a gas station we reached already very late, so we decided to built our Camp-let right there next to the stopping trucks. But we were not the only one, building up a tent. We met Javier, a biker, who invited us to his home although he was on a little trip, but his family was at home :)

So was our next stop Rio Grande on Tierra del Fuego. Crossing the Magellan Street with the ferry and after very bumpy roads and three border stops (Argentina - Chile - Argentina) we reached the most southern part possible by car Ushuaia - end of the world.

Just one hour after Rio Grande the landscape just absolutely from Patagonia Desert to high green mountains and colored forests.
Stefan just feel a little like home.
The weather was much warmer as expected about 14 degrees. We found a good spot for our home on wheels with a beautiful view at the mountains in a little valley. We spent some nice days discovering the city and did a little hike to Glacier Martial, where we had a great view over the city and the beagle channel.

On our way back from Tierra del Fuego to the mainland of Chile, we saw Commerson dolphins jumping out of the water and following the ferry.

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