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Good reasons to choose Camp-let

1. Voted best trailer tent for nine years in a row by the Caravan Club of England
Camp-let has been on the UK market for nine years, and each year Camp-let has taken the prize as the best trailer tent. The prize is given for the best design and quality. For the first time in the history of the English Caravan Club, a single brand has won the award twice in a row - Camp-let has now nine diplomas.

2. Camp-let is erected in three easy steps, and then you're ready to enjoy your holiday.
The Camp-let's low weight makes it easy to handle and slide in place on the campsite - Wind down the support legs and swing out the kitchen, open the lid and raise the tent.

Now the tent just need to be pegged, and you're ready to enjoy your holiday. View movie


3. You can travel easily and quickly – Camp-let can easily be pulled by all cars
Camp-let can easily be pulled by most cars. There are very few cars that cannot tow a camp-let so if your car can tow 275 kgs – you’re ready to go.)

4. No road tax, virtually no increase in gasoline consumption and unobstructed rear view while driving
Since Camp-lets only weight 250/275 kg,  you do not have to pay road tax. Insurance, including all-risk will cost approx. £80,-  annually and the Camp-let has little or no increase to your gasoline consumption.

5. Camp-let can be easily side stored requires minimal maintenance.
With a mobile storage bracket you can side store the camp-let and push it into the corner of a garage. The Camp-let is made from fibreglass.Metal parts are surface treated, rust free and some are stainless steel.

6. Camp-let gives you the freedom to enjoy all your favorite resorts
Touring couldnt be easier.Easy to set up and easy to take down, camp-let gives you the freedom to go from area to area, to explore, and move on should the weather change.

7. Quickly ready and off for a weekend trip
Perfect for weekend use and overnight stops due to the unique quick erect system.

8. Standard equipment: two double beds, well equipped kitchen and large living room.
Every model has two large double beds and a spacious living room as standard. 3 of the 4 models are equipped with a swing out kitchen which can be used en route. The sleeping cabins and awning are erected together in one. If only one bed is being used simply fold out the 2 person setee and use the extra bed as additional storage.

9. Design your own personalized Camp-let with accessories
Camp-let has over the years developed various accessories, often by request from experienced customers and dealers. It allows you to customize your Camp-let according to your family's needs, to create a home from home.

10. More than 40 years of tests and customer experiences means the camp-let is now both the best functionally and the best in quality.
To create the best tent trailers, we listen to our customers' experiences and ideas. Along with that, a large percentage of Camp-lets employees use Camp-lets for holidays and weekend use.

11. Camp-lets are built to last
Camp-lets are equipped with the best quality tent from Isabella, who, with over 50 years of experience, care for even the smallest of details.The marine quality fibreglass trailer will last a lifetime.
This combination presents you with the best trailer tent in the world.

12. Plenty of luggage space in the Camp-let provides space inside your car
Most models offer a large storage space inside the Camp-let, This equates to eight crates of beer and a pair of swimming trunks.

13. All Acrylic tent program
From 2014, all new Camp-let trailer tents are equipped with an acrylic canvas. - a decision made because we feel the advantages of acrylic tents are far greater than those of traditional tents in cotton. More about acrylic

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