• How should I store the Camp-let in the winter?

    Ideally, it should stand somewhere dry in winter, in well-ventilated premises. If you have to leave it outside, we recommend that you remove the tent and any cushions. The reason for this is that the trailer may be exposed to changing conditions, i.e. sun during the day and possibly frost at night, which may lead to condensation.

  • Can I put luggage inside the trailer?

    There is space for a lot of luggage inside the trailer. We usually illustrate the luggage space with eight plastic boxes of the dimensions L: 50 cm H: 25 cm W: 25 cm. In addition to this, there is the space in the kitchen + luggage space on top of the Camp-let.

  • My Camp-let has lost its shine over the years. Can it be polished?

    The Camp-let is moulded in fibreglass, the outermost layer of which is gelcoat.
    The gelcoat is solid-coloured and can therefore be polished. Use car polish for this.

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