Reason to buy

In case you needed it any clearer we lay out in the simplest terms why the Camp-let is the worlds best trailer tent.

  • Multi award winning trailers for quality and ease of use.
  • Hard top trailer with integral luggage rack
  • Light weight Design – 4 models under 250 kg
  • Easy to move / position at home or at your pitch
  • All models are easily set up - including the integral AWNING in under 10 minutes.
  • Can be opened and closed in Wet conditions
  • Models sleep from 2 to 8 persons with side annexes
  • Beds are permanently made up.
  • Can be towed by most cars ( from only 1000cc engine capacity )
  • Better fuel economy (up to 50% better than some folding campers and convertibles)
  • Save up to £1,200 p.a. in associated fuel, storage and insurance costs.
  • Low maintenance, marine quality fibreglass construction which will last decades.
  • Totally Rust free components including stainless steel, aluminium, powder coated and galvanized steel.
  • Available with either High Performance Canvas or Top Grade Acrylic
  • Only manufacturer in the UK to use the Highest quality Isabella canvas and acrylic on their trailer tents
  • Both the canvas and acrylic can last up to 25\30 years in normal use.
  • Be Aware that there are several different grades of canvas and acrylic in the marketplace – Not all performance is the same
  • Easily Stored: Won’t clog up the garage and can be easily side stored.
  • Extremely easy and cheap to maintain and clean.
  • With over 40 years manufacturing experience the Camp-let is now Europe’s leading manufacturer.
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