Camp-let video

Official Camp-let trailer tent promo video

Comprehensive promotional video from Camp-let and Camperlands. This video is professionally presented and offers great insight into what makes this multi-award winning trailer tent/camper so popular with campers all over Europe. Topics discussed include build design and quality, product features and optional accessories, set-up instructions and various aspects of each model.


Instructional video - Apollo, Concorde & Savanne 

Instructional video showing the correct method for pitching and packing away your Camp-let Apollo, Apollo Lux, Concorde or Savanne trailer tent.


Intructional video - Royal part 1 

Part 1 of the Camp-let instructional video showing how to erect your Camp-let Royal trailer tent.


Instructional video - Royal part 2

Second part of the camp-let Royal instructional video showing how to set up the interior of the trailer tent and how to correctly pack it away.


Video instruction on how to erect a Camp-let trailer tent

A video showing the method of erecting a Camplet trailer tent. This camp-let camping equipment video was shown on the caravan channel.


Different features of the Camp-let

A 7 minute in house video showing the features of the Camp-let trailer tents including side storage, how to erect and easy towing of this top quality, lightweight trailer tent.


Camp-let record

A video showing how fast it's possible to erect a Camp-let trailer tent.


Camp-let dealers – List of Camp-let dealers in the world

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