Camp-let Quality

Quality from the road up

To see the Camp-let in the flesh, is too appreciate its quality, which becomes immediately apparent the moment you set eyes on it. The robust body shell is manufactured from very strong fibreglass, which gives the Camp-let the deceptive appearance of being much heavier than it actually is; in fact the Camp-let's starting weight is under 250 kg, incredibly light for any trailer tent. Driving with Camp-let is such a pleasure, its excellent driving characteristics, unobstructed rear view, good fuel economy and classic design has made the Camp-let trailer a popular travel companion throughout the UK and Europe.

Hard top

The Camp-let comes as standard with a hard top and luggage rack. The lockable hard top provides a safe and secure trailer with the ability to store additional equipment on top. It is no problem to carry bikes - top box - cases - wind surfer - small boat or fishing gear.This is on top of the internal storage capabilities and rear kitchen cabinet, meaning all your additional gear will comfortably fit within and on top of the trailer during transit.

Fibreglass built to last

Camp-lets are constructed from the best quality materials, which promise to provide the benefit of long life and low maintenance. Evidence of Camp-lets equal conviction to its manufacturing processes are regularly seen at camp-let dealers throughout Europe, with Camp-lets from the early eighties coming in for trailer servicing and still going strong. Camp-lets are manufactured using rust free components, from the galvanised chassis and stainless steel screws to the lid hinges and fastening catches. The fibreglass trailer is marine quality which has been manufactured in the same manner for over 30 years by Camp-let engineers. Pound for pound fibreglass is stronger than steel and sheet metals, yet its appearance is very attractive. The fibreglass trailer is lightweight, highly resistant to the environment, does not rot or corrode, and is very easy to maintain.

Canvas and acrylic

Only Isabella quality canvasses are used on the Camp-let trailer tentThe Camp-let canvas and acrylic is manufactured by Isabella, who are recognised as the the best in the business. The canvas fabric used by Isabella is supplied by Ten Cater, who are recognised as the worlds best tent cloth manufacturers. The canvas is heavier than typically used within trailer tent design, with the wall fabric weighted at 285grams/m2 and the roof weighted even heavier at 320 grams/m2. The Camp-let is therefore equipped with a canvas of some pedigree that guarantees long life and offers very high levels of resistance to degradation, caused by harmful UV-rays, wind and general handling. The canvas is manufactured to a higher standard than normal with detail to reinforcement on pegging points, main stitching areas and 6 corner areas in the roof canvas.

Design - ease of use - erecting

With 5 models to choose from, any Camp-let, BOTH CABIN AND AWNING can be erected in approximately one minute. The cabin is non pegging like a folding camper. The main awning frame is pre-assembled and already attached to the trailer, which unfolds from the trailer in a pram hood action. A small amount of pegging is required and you are more or less there. Basically it is possible to arrive on-site and in 5 to 8 minutes you can relax, your Camp-let is ready for use.

One, two and up


Step 1 - Wind down the support legs then swing out the kitchen


Step 2 - Lift over the hard top lid, now with gas strut assistance to take the weight


Step 3 - The large awning and 2 sleeping compartments are erected in one simple operation, no complicated polework

Camp-let dealers – List of Camp-let dealers in the world

Best seller

Camp-lets biggest dealer, Camperlands ltd, retail all the major trailer tent brands including the Camp-let range. The Camp-let is by far the best seller. UK Camp-let sales have increased year on year since 2006 when the Camp-let was re-introduced in England. A good percentage of Camp-let sales are from previous owners of caravans and motorhomes who still want to see the great outdoors but want easier towing, easier handling, less running costs and at the same time retain the comfort factor.

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