Camp-let advantages

Small, lightweight trailer - under 250 kg

  • They are easy and safer to tow (Smaller tow car)
  • Extremely strong and easy to maintain, due to the fibreglass constructed trailer body.
  • They are far easier to handle when unhitched from the car.(up to 70% lighter than folding campers and convertible caravans)
  • Small and compact yet still open up to 17 \ 18 square meters
  • Need little space to store and can be easily stored on their side.

Innovative design

  • Cabin and awning combined in ‘Easy Erect’ design – put up in under 10 minutes - the quickest erecting combined trailer tent \ camper on the market.
  • Perfect for weekend use and overnight stops.
  • Innovative design allows the kitchen to be used without unpacking the trailer – swing out and enjoy your lunch en-route to your destination
  • They have fixed beds which are permanently made up.
  • Why spend up to 2 hour erecting an awning on a folding camper \ convertible caravan when you can have a Camp-let?

To pitch a Camp-let you start by winding down the legs and opening the kitchen     The second step to erecting a Camp-let is to open the lid     Finally, pull the awning forward and peg it out.
Top quality materials

  • Available in the Best Quality Isabella cotton canvas and acrylic,
  • Quality is Unique and unsurpassed in the UK market
  • Isabella produce the canvas and acrylic using all weather fabrics
  • 100% water repellent
  • Both canvas and acrylic are treated to resist fading
  • Camp-let’s Isabella canvas and acrylic only need proofing every 8 - 10 years.


  • Better fuel economy than folding campers and convertibles
  • Cheaper to run--Save up to £1,200 p.a. on fuel, insurance, storage and insurance costs.
  • No need to change your car – you may even be able to downsize
  • Significant price advantage without compromising on quality (up to 60% cheaper than folding campers and convertible caravans)
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