Award winning trailer tent

The Camp-let trailer tents has won multiple awards, amongst others the "Best Lightweight Trailer Tent" award.
Camp-let won three Lightweight Leisure Trailer Awards in 2013 - one for each of our models.

Camp-let is a Multi-award winning trailer tent

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Lightweight leisure trailer award winner

For the 5th year running the Camp-let was voted "Best Lightweight Trailer Tent". The competition is run by the Caravan Club at the National Exhibition Centre at Birmingham. Over the last 5 years the Camp-let has competed against all the leading UK and European Trailer Tent manufacturers. Judges were looking for overall design strengths, including, ease of use, erecting and packing away, comfort, value for money and quality.

Voted best trailer tent in 2010 by the Camping Magazine

In association with the camping and caravan club, Camp-let was voted best trailer tent in 2010 by the Camping Magazine. The Camp-let has also just been voted best folding camper / trailer tent for 2011 by Camping magazine. To see why Camp-let wins so many awards why not read more about Camp-let quality features.

Combined trailer tent and folding camper

The Camp-let offers users all the luxuries of the folding camper along with the ease of use, storage and manoeuvring advantages offered by a compact trailer tent.

The cabin section is non pegging with a kitchen permanently attached to the trailer (no heavy lifting), this is characteristic of a folding camper! The chassis size is small and compact and is not to be confused or compared to the much heavier and larger chassis used by a typical folding camper. A small compact trailer chassis requires less effort to tow, store and manoeuvre. When the Camp-let is at rest it can be stored on its side with the help of mobile side stores, from here it can be wheeled into the corner of the garage.

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