Sun canopy Premium


The sun canopy can be mounted alone, i.e. without the side and front screens, providing shade from the sun inside the awning.
It also provides shelter from the rain inside the awning, and you can leave your shoes outside under the sun canopy, leaving the awning clutter-free.
The sun canopy also provides a small additional covered patio area where you can have a little table, allowing you to sit outside on balmy summer evenings, protected from the falling dew.

Dimensions: 4 metres wide, extending 2 metres from the roof of the tent.
Weight: 6 kg
Materials: Sun canopy with polyester coating; dries quickly when wet.

The side screen and the front screen are mounted on the sun canopy. The side screen can be mounted on either side of the sun canopy, depending on where the wind is coming from.
The side and front screens create a useful porch. The front screen is half height, closing you off a little from the world outside if you want some privacy but still want to able to look out and enjoy the view. Again, it is the ideal place to keep all your shoes and other bits and pieces so they do not clutter up the awning.

The side screen is 2 metres wide and extends 2 metres from the roof of the tent.
The front screen is 1.2 metres high and 3.5 metres wide.
Weight: 2 kg
Materials: acrylic; the side screen has clear PVC windows.

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Sun canopy Premium manual

Learn how to add this accessory to your Camp-let in this short video.

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