Sun canopy Living

(Basic and Basic+, Classic)

The Sun canopy has a big opening, and provides both shade and shelter. It measures 4 meters in width and about 3 meters in depth.

The canopy reduces sun and wind inside the tent, and adds an additional, cozy area for cooler evenings. On those extra sunny days, you zip off the sides partly, by which you get a “half” opening at the sides.

The Sun canopy comes in a combination of anthracite and light grey. It is simple to clean and easy to wipe off, before packing.
Material: 100% polyester
Poles: Galvanized steel.
Weight: 14 kg.
Produced by: Isabella

Compatible with models from 1999 and forward: Apollo/Apollo Lux, Concorde, Savanne, Basic/ Basic+ and Classic.

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