Luggage locker

(Basic and Basic+, Classic, Premium)

The luggage locker can be used as extra storage space for items such as your cool box, gas cylinder, luggage, peg bags, cables, tools and water bottle, as well as things that can become soiled, so you do not have to have dirty pegs, etc. in the car. It has the added advantage of being fitted with a lock, so items can be locked inside it.
Kept in the luggage locker, the gas cylinder does not have to be stored in the car while driving. This also makes it easy to take out and connect to the gas stove in the kitchen if you pull over to make a cup of coffee.

Dimensions: the luggage locker for the non-braked unit measures 55 x 58 x 106 cm.
Dimensions: the luggage locker for the braked unit measures 56 x 58 x 131 cm.
Weight: 16 kg non-braked unit – 27 kg braked unit
Material: fibre glass

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