(Classic, Premium)

The guest annex is fitted onto the side of the tent, providing space for two additional beds. If your family is large or you have guests, there is space for a double air mattress.
If you have a dog, need a playroom for the kids or extra storage during your camping trip, the guest annex is the perfect solution. It provides more space in the awning; the dog has its own space and the awning is free of toys, making it less cluttered.
The guest annexes for Classic and Premium are the same size. On the Classic model, the annex is mounted on the left-hand side of the tent, while on the Premium model, it can be fitted on both sides of the tent and also on both sides of an additional awning (available for purchase as an optional extra).
We recommend that you mount and dismount the guest annex as and when you need it, as it is easy to attach. If you leave it attached, it will be more difficult to put up the Camp-let next time, as the awning cannot be tightened up properly.

Dimensions: 2.5 m² – 190 cm long and 130 cm wide
Weight: 10 kg
Materials: Acrylic with clear PVC windows and watertight PVC base

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Annex Classic and Premium guide

Learn how to add the annex to your Camp-let Classic or Premium in this short video.

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