Frequently Asked Questions and answers about Camp-let

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Camp-let trailer tents.
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Q1) How fast are you allowed to drive with a Camp-let?
A1) It depends on the various laws in the European countries. In Germany however your Camp-let can be Tempo 100 approved and drive up to 60 miles/hour (100 km/h).

Q2) How much weight can our Camp-let carry?
A2) All Camp-let trailer tents from 2007 weighs 225\275 kg and a total weight of 500 kg. This means that the Camp-let can carry 225\275 kg. The Camp-let can be loaded with 70 kg evenly distributed on the top of the trailer and the rest inside the trailer.

Q3) Do you need a special drivers license to drive with a Camp-let?
A3) A Camp-let weighs 225\275 kg and has a total weight of 500 kg. This means that the Camp-let may be pulled by almost any car and without any special drivers license.

Q4) Does the tent need any special treatment?
A4) The tent of the Camp-let is made by Isabella, one of the leading tent manufacturers in Europe. The canvas is made by Ten cate in Holland, who makes some of the best tent materials. The tent does not need any extra treatment. There are several different solutions if you got dirt on your tent. For more information - see

Q5) My sleeping cabins are dirty, can they be machine-washed?
A5) Yes. The sleeping cabins can be machine-washed. Use the most gentle washing program at 30 degrees water temperature. You can also wash the sleeping cabins by hand.

Q6) My Camp-let has lost its surface shine. Can I regain the shine by polishing it?
A6) Camp-let is made from glasfibre with gelcoat as the outer layer. The gelcoat is colored and can be polished to regain the original shine. Use your normal car wax on your Camp-let.

Q7) How do I store my Camp-let in the winter?
A7) Keep your Camp-let dry in the winter - preferably in a room with good ventilation. If you keep it outside it is a good idea to detach the tent and other fabrics. The Camp-let is rain proof - but sun in the daytime and perhaps frost in the nighttime can result in condens water.

Q8) How do I avoid condens water?
A8) You can avoid condens water by using the ventilation openings. There is also the possibility of using the slatted bed base (sold separately) and thereby getting air circulation under the mattresses.

Q9) Can I take off the tent?
A9) Yes. The tent can be taken off easily. (See the video on this website)

Q10) Can I store luggage inside the trailer?
A10) A10) You can store quite a lot of luggage inside the trailer. We usually illustrate the space by 8 plastic crates measuring L: 50 cm H: 25 cm W: 25 cm(similar to 8 crates of beer). Along with that comes the space in the kitchen and the space on top of the Camp-let.

Q11) What do I do when taking down the tent in the rain?

A11) If you are unlucky and it rains when you take down the tent we recommend that you keep a thin plastic cover under the madras of the Camp-let. This plastic is placed between the inner cabins and the outer tent. Even though the tent is soaking wet on the outside - the inside will only remain damp.

Notice: The tent needs to dry completely within 24 hours by erecting it again. The tent however dries quite quickly afterwards.

Q12) Can the Camp-let trailer tent get Tempo 100 approved?
A12) Yes. The Camp-let can be approved for Tempo 100. See further information on our website.

Q13) We are only 2 people. Can we get a 2 person Camp-let?

A13) All Camp-let trailer tents has room for 4 people. A lot of people, however, use it even though they are only 2. In that case the other sleeping cabin can be used for storing luggage, wardrobe and you can enjoy the plenty of room you get in the awning.

Q14) Can my car pull a Camp-let?
A14) The Camp-let trailer tent is so low weight that almost all cars may pull it.

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